Gordon Chang to Newsmax: China’s Coming for Russia, Too

Not only is China coming for the United States, but it’s also coming after Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Asia expert and author Gordon Chang said on Newsmax Saturday. 

“A message for the Russians: China’s national Ministry of National Defense has just required China to use Chinese names for about 10 cities in Siberia, including Vladivostok,” Chang told Newsmax’s “Saturday Report.” ‘This is a further part of China’s initiative to lay a territorial claim to the Russian Far East, saying that it’s really part of China. So Putin should know: The Chinese are coming after us, and they are also coming against Putin.” 

Chinese officials, he added, have stressed for years that theirs is the world’s only legitimate state, “and since 2017, Chinese officials have been talking about the moon and Mars as sovereign Chinese territory. That’s ludicrous, and we American say, ‘No, they can’t really mean that.’ But yes, they can.”

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