So what now?

As of Friday, there are 42 confirmed cases in Cumberland County.  This number has almost doubled since Monday. Friday evening saw 8 new cases alone, including one person between 18-24 years old. 

It might seem easy to say, \”oh I\’m just running out for 1 thing…\”  or \”I just need to get out…\”   but the reality is, this virus is spreading fast.  If what you\’re going out for isn\’t necessary right now, it truly is ideal to stay home.   What DO we go out for? Healthcare, food, essential services- while practicing social distancing. 

So how we pass the time? 

Many, of course, are working while home,  homeschooling the kids, perhaps projects around the house.  Staying home doesn\’t mean that you can\’t go outside and enjoy the weather – taking a nice walk around the neighborhood, while still maintaining distance might be just the pick me up you need! 

Perhaps get a golf game together with a few folks- it\’s easy to stay 6 feet away on the greens! (And next Thursday you can save a whole lot of green with the 2020 Carolina Golf Card! >Get the details HERE<)

Maybe grab a good book – you know, the one you ordered a while ago, that you\’ve been meaning to read when \”you got some free time\”.   

Give a call to that family member or friend that you haven\’t talked to since who knows when- catch up on old time.  That\’s always good for the soul, and laughter burns calories!

Maybe you see these dance challenges the kids are doing on Tik Tok or Snapchat – get wild and try one out yourself. Trust me, even if you\’re terrible, it will be a big hit to everyone except your kids!

There are a lot of ways to keep yourself occupied during this time.   But staying stagnate is the worst thing we can do.  We MUST keep moving, keep thriving, keep pushing.   And remember, you\’re not alone.  We are literally ALL in this together. 

If you have some more ideas to share,  hit us up on social media!  Show us pictures! Send in those recipes! WE would love to share them!

And please remember, even though we can\’t be together in person,  we\’re more together than ever right now.  If you ever feel like maybe things are getting to be too much, please reach out.  Give us a call, send us a message, reach out to a friend. Stress and anxiety can creep up in us without warning.

You can find several resources for coping HERE. 

And thank you for sticking with us.